Designed to help you see and embrace a life bursting with possibilities and to guide you in practical steps to loving the person you have become and creating a life that you love.

Our motto is…It’s All About YOU and while you may be unsure of your next steps, or stuck in the in-between, we will help you

  • develop clarity around what you desire,
  • look at what is holding you back,  and
  • give you the tools and inspiration to thrive in your new life.

Who is this divorce group for?

  • Divorced yet still stuck in resisting your new circumstances, unable to move forward
  • Divorced and ready to move on to creating a life you love, financial security and finding the love of your life

Here is what we promise you

  • Meet with our divorce group twice a month In Person with others who have survived divorce and are now ready to thrive in their new lives.
  • Become keenly aware of limiting beliefs that are holding you back and begin to create new perspectives that will carry you into a future of your making.
  • Begin to create a social circle of new friends who, like you, have grown through their divorce and are ready to embrace all the future has in store for them.
  • Look at past relationships, become aware of patterns that did not serve you and mindfully create new intentions and confidence to meet and find the love of your life.
  • Enjoy the tools, techniques, support and accountability that the transformative process of coaching offers.

Weekly Topics For Divorce Support Group:

Series I:

  1. Daring to Dream – Setting an intention for all that you desire
  2. Crafting a Plan – Mind mapping exercise
  3. Becoming Intentional in all we do — A journey to mindfulness
  4. Acknowledging Our Choices  – Empowered to always and in all ways be in charge of our actions

Series II:

  1. Grieving Well – Feeling the sadness, pain and anger
  2. Moving toward Acceptance – A sign of recovery
  3. Reinventing Our Lives – Choosing to move forward
  4. A look at how we have changed – Celebrating our Progress

Series III:

  1. Living into Forgiveness & Gratitude – who and what are we still struggling with – a look at self-forgiveness  (Common Characteristics in relationships)
  2. Accepting What Is – Living in and loving the present and using it as a launching pad for your dreams
  3. Trusting Our Intuition – Consciously making choices based on desire instead of fear
  4. What’s next – A honest humble look at where we can heal and grow from here

Dates & Locations:


Morristown, NJ

Dates:  Every Thursday  – January 14, 21, 28 and February 4th

Time:  7:00 − 8:30pm




Divorce Support Program Options

Platinum Program 

  • (4) 60 – 90-minute group sessions
  • (4) 45-minute private coaching sessions
  • LI & NJ Investment $820.
  • NYC: Investment$840

Gold Program – Experience both Group & Private Coaching

  • (4) 60 – 90-minute group sessions
  • (2) 30-minute private sessions during the course of the 4 weeks
  • LI & NJ: Investment of $360
  • NYC: Investment of $380

Silver Program – Great Starter Program

  • (4) 60 – 90-minute group sessions
  • LI & NJ:  Investment of $140 **Special 2016 discounted price available:  $100 for all 4 sessions
  • NYC: Investment of $160

Bronze Program

  • Taster opportunity
  • NJ: Investment of $40 per session
  • NYC: Investment of $50 per session

Note:  Contact us to discuss payment options if you are struggling financially but want to participate in our divorce group.

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