Are you divorced and ready to move on?  Do you want to begin dating and hope to meet someone who can be a companion, partner or lover?

Are you unsure of how to dip your toe into the dating pool?  Do you have fears of making the same mistakes or unclear on what you want in a relationship at this stage of your life?

This 8-session series is an exploration into the lessons learned and changes experienced for those who are eager to step consciously into new relationships – both social and intimate. You will set an intention regarding companionship and exploring new relationships.

Throughout the Exploring Companionship Group Series we are going to:

  • Ascertain what we have learned through the struggles of divorce
  • Apply the lessons learned while understanding our part in our broken marriages
  • Develop clarity around our values, what we want in a relationship and in a partner
  • Look at issues of trust that may be lingering
  • Consider what it means to be vulnerable again
  • Play with how we want to present ourselves through drafting a profile and beginning to date
  • Examine with curiosity fears, expectations and judgments around meeting new people
  • Consciously work on effective communication:  How to Listen so Others will Speak and Speak so Others will Listen


Series I Topics:

Week 1:  Setting Intentions:  What do I want and why?

Week 2:  Discovering Self Worth:  Appreciating Myself

Week 3:  Assessing Values:  Becoming clear on your Must-haves and Non-negotiables for yourself  and for others

Week 4:  Insuring you don’t find the same person in a different body:  What have I learned about myself in past relationships that I want to be highly conscious of?

Series II Topics

Week 1:  Witnessing Resistance:  Where do I have resistance around dating

Week 2:  Getting Out and Having Fun – Meeting new people…even the unusual ones

Week 3:  Resistance to Intimacy: Managing Risk in Pursuit of Pleasure

Week 4:  Embarking on New Relationships: The ABC’s of Caring for Yourself.


*Note: Program can be purchased in 4 week series.



Oceanside  NY

Dates:  Every other Wednesday – This group is not yet scheduled

Time:  From 8:00 − 9:30 pm

Morristown NJ

Dates: Every other Thursday – This group is not yet scheduled

Time:   From 7:00 – 8:30 pm

Manhattan NY

Dates: Every other Wednesday – This group is not yet scheduled 

Time: From 6:30 − 8:00pm


If you do not see dates, we may be in the process or organizing a new group.
Contact Us and let us know of your interest!


Divorce Support Program Options

  • Platinum Program 
    • (4) 90 minute group sessions
    • (4) 45 minute private coaching sessions
    • LI & NJ: Investment $820.  
    • NYC: Investment $840
  • Gold Program – Experience both Group & Private Coaching
    • (4) 90 minute group sessions
    • (2) 30 minute private sessions during the course of the 4 weeks
    • LI & NJ: Investment of $360
    • NYC: Investment of $380
  • Silver Program – Great Starter Program
    • (4) 90 minute group sessions
    • LI & NJ:  Investment of $140
    • NYC: Investment of $160
  • Bronze Program – Taster Opportunity
    • Attend a single group session
    • LI & NJ: Investment of $40 per session
    • NYC: Investment of $50 per session