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Time-In: A Practice for Creating a Life You Love Post Divorce

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By Lisa Brick


Reflective time or Time-In one of the seven vital wellness practices necessary to harness your brain to support you in designing and implementing an awesome life.  Time-In is the practice of setting aside a period of each day, be it a minute, ten minutes, or throughout the day, for conscious and focused mindfulness.  Mindfulness is the awareness of what is happening within you without attachment or judgement.  There are sensations, thoughts, feelings, memories that arise, all of which you observe rather than actively engage with.  Unlike other times where you follow thoughts, come to conclusions, choose an avenue of action, etc., during Time-In you observe what arises in your body and mind without following, fantasizing, or fixing.


Out of the seven practices for creating a post-divorce life you’ll love, Time-In is a cornerstone. Let’s look at why Time-In is so critical for creating a rewarding next chapter of your life and a few ways of practicing it.

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