Testimonials About Sheila Knopp


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“I was in a very dark place, felt alone like a failure that I wasn’t enough.  After my first session I felt empowered to get out of my comfort zone and try new things.  I remember it was just a suggestion to look at Meetup and see what interested me.  But Sheila made me realize that I need to start listening to my own voice and start living, so that weekend I went to two meet ups.  Having her as my coach had made me realize how amazing and the power I have within me. With her help I found my voice and started to believe in myself.  I still have a long journey ahead of me but with the tools she gave me I been able to navigate the stormy waters”
Minerva M.



“I worked with Sheila in the very early stages of my decision to separate from my husband.  There were many emotions and concerns; she effectively helped me stay focused, set goals, and held me accountable. Sheila asked very engaging questions that helped me get at the root of some of my fears and overcome my inertia to take action.  After each coaching session, she provided me with a summary of what we discussed so I had the written reinforcement.  This was incredibly helpful. 

Sheila picked up on many things I said that even I did not realize I was saying and helped reframe it for me.  She allowed me the space and time to come to my own conclusions and set reasonable goals for myself.  I looked forward to our sessions and believe that she was instrumental in helping me get “unstuck” with this life-changing decision.” -Laura



“Sheila is a compassionate and professional coach.   She was able to help me focus on the end result of my goals while taking me a baby step at a time through my journey. Of course, I experienced peaks and valleys, however, during those “valleys, Sheila was there helping me to recognize my strengths and build my self-confidence I highly recommend Sheila as a Life Coach. She will help you design and build the life you want” -Belle



“Sheila has been my saving grace. I would not feel as positive about myself, the present or future, if it was not for my time with her.She has a natural instinct and kindness to read a person as an individual, their individual needs and feelings. That is a gift that Sheila has.  If you can work with her, you are very lucky.” -Siobhan

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