Testimonials About Karen Basmagy



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“It is rare that you find someone as passionate and talented as Karen at coaching. I had the pleasure of being coached by Karen through several transitions in my life, from leaving school and entering the workforce to moving cross country and integrating into a new environment. I was especially impressed with how Karen really listened carefully to my concerns and guided me to see that I hold the solutions to all of life’s challenges. She connected me to a deeper understanding of and passion for living my life. Karen is also very patient and realistic in her recommendations and understands that change takes time. I highly recommend Karen as a transition coach to anyone seeking balance and clarity amidst life’s challenges, great and small.”Nicole S.


“Karen has done a great job with a client that I referred to her. She has provided a wonderful experience for my client and she has maintained contact with me on a regular basis providing updates so we are working collaboratively toward a unified goal. She has been wonderful “-Michelle Pinheiro, LCSW


“I find Karen to be a very engaging, caring, natural and very effective coach. She is a great coach for both inner and outer work, with very unique and special strengths for inner work in particular. She is a great listener, asks great questions and always creates openness and space for her clients to find and stay on their own path. Karen has great insights and intuition in a coaching relationship. Her high level of caring and supportiveness helps motivate her clients…she holds her clients accountable very constructively and with great results!” -Steve M

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