Testimonials About Mary Burns Hoff



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“Mary Burns Hoff brings her outstanding expertise, her wealth of diverse experiences, her wonderful sense of humor, creativity, integrity and professionalism to each coaching session. When working with Mary, I felt validated, acknowledged and tremendously supported in my development. She also challenges me to be my best. It is a pleasure and honor knowing and working with Mary.” – AB, Corporate Executive

“The most important lesson that I recall is not making decisions when I’ve not been asked. This has been very helpful especially in the busy turmoil that follows a crisis. I have compassion for my boss and allow her to be herself. Just tonight I received a late email to attend a trip tomorrow which requires changing my whole schedule. I remained calm. We are supporting a community that is still suffering from the storm. It’s a big deal and my boss is under lots of pressure. In short, I’ve changed my schedule and committed to going. She is very appreciative.

I talk about you all the time. I’m often heard saying, “with my coach I learned…” Insert anyone of the lessons. I am in a higher energy level and mindful not to broadcast.” –  FD, Not-for-Profit Executive

“Mary Burns Hoff is a wonderful combination of gentleness and strength. She provides a safe space where I know I won’t be judged, which is such a blessing when I’ve been so quick to judge myself in the past. Because of that, I’m now less judgmental of myself. During our coaching sessions she hears the true meaning behind my words even when I’m not aware. Her gift of listening beyond my words has helped me listen to myself better. She’s encouraged me to find answers beneath so many initial “I don’t knows” and has given me many new tools to try. Time spent with Mary puts things in focus and her breathing exercises and guided meditations can ease stress and bring clarity in less than five minutes.” – KF, Not-for-Profit Manager

“I have worked with Mary on both my personal and business needs. She has an intuitive ear that draws the deeper issues hidden behind my words and in doing so goes right to the heart of the matter. With her depth of compassion and wisdom, Mary has helped me to move forward with remarkable clarity and efficiency to reach new heights.” – KM, Business Owner

“Working with Mary was so helpful. She has an incredible gift for not only listening to your words, but for helping you discern the feelings, energy and desires behind them. She provides a very compassionate, comfortable and sometimes challenging environment in which to explore the path you are on and perhaps guide you to a new path – opening you toward your truest goals and desires. Her ability for clear insight and direction is amazing. She knows how and when to ask the right questions.” – KS

“Mary fully listens to you and that is one big reason she helped me to be crystal clear about what I feel and want. She is adept at communicating with you to create a solution that works for your questions; be it personal, professional or both. She’s a great coach because she sincerely cares about YOU. I value our working relationship because I trust her. There is nothing I can’t talk to her about and I know she will help me to feel good about my life.” – MF

“Mary has brought her heartfelt self into my world in a way that changed it forever. Her powerful questions allowed me to have awareness not previously discovered, changing my relationship with myself and my husband like no one had done before. Imagine working on a ‘problem’ for years only to have it solved seemingly overnight. Mary gave me that gift. There are not enough superlatives to describe the value Mary brought me. If you are brave and lucky enough to choose to work with Mary, you will be among the enlightened and powerful.” – JG

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