Take Action When Acting From Commitment

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Acting from Commitment

By Lisa Brick

Anger and fear…two strong emotions showing up in spades, especially since the election in November. Now, more than any other time in my life, is when slowing my reactions, feeling my feelings, and discerning between what is and what I fear is vital. It is up to me to remain crystal clear on what is important to me and how to best advocate for it.

When I, when any of us, react in fear or anger situations get muddier, not clearer. By all means take action, yet wait until you are communicating from clarity and acting from commitment rather than in fight or flight mode.

There is an immense amount at stake NOW regardless of what happens in the future.

Consider taking on this commitment for yourself:

I am committed to keep now as clear and clean as possible and being conscious of the beauty and love around me while being engaged and proactive emotionally, socially and politically.

If you lose track of what is promising and beautiful because of fear and ugliness you’ve lost and become part of the ugliness. If you  ignore the ugliness and pretend everything is beautiful you are foolish. Keeping that balance, being aware of both and appreciative of that which nourishes is vital for both well-being and being effective.

Here’s to efficacy and balance as we advocate for the society we are committed to living in….may the Force be with us all.

Lisa Brick, Journey Beyond Partner

Lisa Brick

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