As a new visitor to Journey Beyond Divorce, you are probably wondering what a Divorce Coach is and if Divorce Coaching is is right for you. Divorce Coaching offers a path to clarity and a healthy sounding board where you can examine your fears and the obstacles in your path as well as your true desires.

Find out in just 5 minutes if Divorce Coaching is for you


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Why do we offer you a Gift of a Private Divorce Coaching Session?

As you move through divorce, the emotions you experience can leave you feeling hurt, insecure and uncertain. While dealing with these emotions, you are also thinking about moving your life forward. If you are struggling and are ready to move forward toward feeling empowered, if you want to shift to a place where you can begin to create your future, then experiencing the value of Divorce Coaching is a great way to get started.


Here’s what your first Divorce Coaching Session will entail…

We begin by discussing divorce coaching:

  • What is coaching?
  • How it is different from other helping modalities such as therapy, mentoring and consulting?
  • What are my coaching qualifications and approach?

We focus on your specific needs

We help you develop clarity around what you wish for and what is keeping you from attaining those desires.

During the session you will receive:

  • Helpful perspectives to shift your emotions
  • Powerful tools that will enable you to make immediate changes
  • An experience that will help you decide if coaching is right for you

You will then be offered the opportunity to manifest real and sustained change in your life.

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