Our Private Sessions provide a unique opportunity to dig deep inside. In doing so, you will develop clarity, unearth fears and obstacles, and create a vision and plan for who you want to be and how you desire to live.

Whether you are in the early stages and not sure if you can mend your broken marriage or just decided to divorce and are frozen in fear and worry, we can help you sort out your thoughts and feelings and help you to make the decisions and take the steps that honor your deepest wishes.

If you are in the midst of divorce and juggling lawyers, tense living arrangements, financial fears and a changing social landscape, your sessions may begin with assessing where you are in the greatest pain or resistance and together we will begin to release the pressure enabling you to breathe, think and make decisions that will be sound and aligned with your deepest values.

For those who are post divorce, you may be stuck in the inbetween, no longer married yet unable to move on; or fighting the same battles with your ex that you did before and during the divorce; or ready to begin dating but feeling ill equipped to dip your toe in the dating pool. The exciting news is that it is all about you now! Together we can empower you to find your true self, rid yourself of behaviors and reactions that no longer serve you and embrace all the possibilities that lie ahead by first choosing to leave the rear view mirror behind you.

Details About Our Private Sessions:

  • Each session is held with one of our Certified Life Coaches who focuses on your unique situation and needs
  • The sessions are designed to last for 45 minutes
  • Sessions are held weekly via telephone or Skype, whichever works best for you!
  • If you prefer in-person sessions, please make your request known and we will accommodate where possible

Your Journey begins with a three month emotional commitment to raising your energy and transforming your life. Simply fill out the form below and one of our coaches will reach out to discuss how to get started.