How do I invite my client to talk with a Divorce Coach?

Many attorneys see incredible value in our coaching serves and don’t know how to invite their clients to try it without feeling like they are judging their client.  Here is a dialogue that works:

ATTORNEY:  Jill / Jack, I see how angry and fearful (fill in the blank) you are about ___________ and it makes sense. You are going through an incredibly difficult transition. (ACKNOWLEDGE their feelings)

If you could go through your divorce with less ____ while in the midst of your divorce, what affect would that have on your life? (ASK DON’T TELL)

CLIENT:  That would be tremendous, BUT I don’t see that happening…(she goes into why…the story – the resistance)

ATTORNEY: I hear you.  What if there was a way to feel better, to get past the ___________, would you be willing to give it a try? (ACKNOWLEDGE AND ASK AGAIN)

CLIENT:  I don’t know, maybe…I can’t imagine!

ATTORNEY: I work with a Divorce Coach who has helped many people in your position feel stronger and more positive about themselves and their situation.  She is NOT a therapist but rather helps you strategically move in a direction you desire.

She offers a complimentary session where you can see for yourself the value even one session provides.  Would you like me to introduce you to her? (INVITE THE CLIENT TO REACH OUT)