Are your client’s emotions hindering their case?

My client is STUCK in the past and impeding the progress of his/her case. How can I get him/her to listen to my advice?

When a client is consistently walking in and unpacking there emotional baggage, try out this tool…

Skip the Complaint, Get to the Request

Stuck clients perceive their experiences through distortions due to a “pain filter”. This filter is superimposed on the present and projected out into the future, preventing them from hearing expert advice or seeing which actions are in their best interest given their current circumstances.  They don’t trust themselves.  They don’t trust you.  Their perceptions are rooted in hurt and misguided self-protectiveness rather than possibility.

Here’s are a few opening lines to gently awaken them.  

They are honest, clear, and supportive, for both of you.  You are skipping a complaint and making a request.

  • I can advance your case more rapidly with less expense with your assistance. Are you open to hearing my thoughts?

  • My sole goal is to help you get the best settlement possible.  I want and need you as a collaborator to do so.

  • When we are together I ask you to focus on the outcome you desire and for now, leave your anger (whatever the overriding emotion is) outside the door. How you feel is understandable yet it gets in the way of hearing me.

What if they do not enroll in your request?  

More on how to move your client from contentious to collaborative next month…stay tuned!