We are keenly aware of the struggles you are facing.

In an effort to help you through this difficult time, Journey Beyond Divorce has developed several offerings just for you. These include:

  • Coaching on the Go via our Facebook community of divorcing individuals and coaches who discuss relevant issues and give you the opportunity to receive valuable coaching and divorce support right when you need it
  • Free thought provoking Blog Posts that raise awareness about your emotional struggles and offer concrete strategies to free you from their clutch
  • Powerful Divorce Coaching Groups designed to provide you divorce support and lessen your sense of isolation and loneliness while encouraging and challenging you to grow through your divorce. These groups are held both virtually and in person
  • One-on-one Divorce Coaching that are private and custom designed to address your specific issues while coping with divorce

In addition to our Divorce Coaching, we also specialize in:

Couples Coaching

If you are a couple that is struggling with your marriage, but very much desires to use this difficult situation as an opportunity to work together to create a stronger, healthier, beautiful relationship built on interdependence, mutual respect and trust. As a couple, you will recreate the marriage of your dreams, reigniting the love and passion of your honeymoon years.

Transition Coaching

If you are going through a change with the intention of capitalizing on this challenging time by turning it into an opportunity to make your dreams come true. We will look at your passions and what brings you purpose in your life. You will begin to take steps to integrate your spirit into all the changes taking place in your life so that you design a future that is solely you!


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