Senior’s Financial Stress Coping Guide

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financial stress

Guest Post By Jenny Holt

Divorce is one of the leading causes of financial stress in seniors along with health, downsizing, and taxes.

Financial stress is compounded by the relative reduction in financial options, especially for those of retirement age and older. Stress can manifest itself physically and mentally as lethargy, anxiety, chest pains, headaches, insomnia, and upset stomachs. Long term this can lead to a cluster of health and depression issues.

It is important, therefore, to find coping mechanisms to deal with these issues. These can be split into two:

The first one is naturally to work with family and financial institutions to address the financial challenges caused by divorce. Of course, amicable and fair settlements are best for both parties in terms of both finances and well-being.

The second one is to adjust diets and exercise routines in order to reduce the effects of stress and to produce a clearer mind for dealing with the problem as a whole.

You can find a vast array of information on this topic here: Financial Stress Coping Guide for Seniors.