Ready to Move On Series


This divorce group is designed to help you see and embrace a life bursting with possibilities and to guide you in practical steps to loving the person you have become and creating a life that you love.

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Note: Program can be purchased in 4 week increments.

Weekly Topics For Divorce Support Group:

1st 4 week series:

  1. Daring to Dream – Setting an intention for all that you desire
  2. Crafting a Plan – Mind mapping exercise
  3. Becoming Intentional in all we do — A journey to mindfulness
  4. Acknowledging Our Choices  – Empowered to always and in all ways be in charge of our actions

2nd 4 week series

  1. Grieving Well – Feeling the sadness, pain and anger
  2. Moving toward Acceptance – A sign of recovery
  3. Reinventing Our Lives – Choosing to move forward
  4. A look at how we have changed – Celebrating our Progress

3rd 4 week series:

  1. Living into Forgiveness & Gratitude – who and what are we still struggling with – a look at self forgiveness  (Common Characteristics in relationships)
  2. Accepting What Is – Living in and loving the present and using it as a launching pad for your dreams
  3. Trusting Our Intuition – Consciously making choices based on desire instead of fear
  4. What’s next – A honest humble look at where we can heal and grow from here


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