Exploring Companionship

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Are you divorced and ready to move on with your life?  Have you reached a place where you want to begin dating and hope to meet someone who can be a companion, partner, lover?  Has it been so long that you are not sure how to dip your toe into the dating pool?  Do you have fears of making the same mistakes you made in the past?  Then these tools will help you:

We have the tools to help you!

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Blog PostsRecent blog posts to inspire and help you

Review and Read from our Library of Blog posts offering spiritual encouragement, personal growth and practical how to assistance.  You can also search our posts to find just what you need!

Here are two posts to get you started…

If you feel more encouraged and want more: The Promise of a Sunny Tomorrow

If you are ready to soar: Creating a New Life

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Private Coaching SessionsPrivate Sessions

These Sessions provide a unique opportunity to dig deep inside yourself, develop clarity, unearth fears that are keeping you stuck and create a vision and plan that empowers you to be confident and in control.

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onphone1Free Coaching Group

This introductory call is meant to encourage you while exposing you to the power of coaching.We focus on helping you to develop clarity around your fears and desires.


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grouptherapy-cropped-430x200Group Coaching Program

Experience the support of your peers as isolation melts away and hope and enthusiasm builds as you are coached to develop more clarity around not just surviving your divorce but thriving in your new life.

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Recommended BooksLibrary of recommended books:

Our Library has been designed to help you open your mind to new perspectives, raise your awareness and choose behaviors that honor who you are.

Here is a book suggestion that might help…

If you feel more encouraged and want more: Alchemy of the Heart, by Michael Brown (listed under Spiritual Journey)

If you are ready to soar: Conscious Loving, by Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks (listed under Personal Development)

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Listen to an interview or message that addresses something that you have been grappling with and see the power the spoken word can have.  We have many podcasts for you to enjoy.

Here is a podcast that we recommend you begin with…

If you feel more encouraged and want more: Self Love: What Does it Mean to Love Yourself?

If you are ready to soar: Creating Healthy Boundaries

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Inspirational quotesInspirational Quotes

Browse our many Inspirational Quotes for the ones that speak to you, lift you up and offer you encouragement.  Please feel free to share them with others who need inspiration.

This is a powerful quote that we thought you might appreciate…

If you feel more encouraged and want more:

“There is only one cause of unhappiness: the false beliefs you have in your head, beliefs so widespread, so commonly held, that it never occurs to you to question them.” ~ Anthony de Mello

If you are ready to soar:

“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.” ~ Karen Ravn

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Music is the language of the spiritSongs of Solace

Listen to our Songs of Solace Playlist, recommended by others who have journeyed through divorce. See what brings you a sense of hope, peace, calm, strength, and maybe even a bit of joy.

Here is a song that has helped others who have been in a similar place as you…

If you feel more encouraged and want more: Beautiful Day by U2

If you are ready to soar:  Dreamer by Elizaveta