How can a Divorce Coach help my client?

Everyone benefits when a Divorce Coach is involved!

You can represent your clients better by helping them to receive the support they need to partner with you in an effective and efficient way!  Divorce coaching has had an immensely valuable and profound impact for both divorce client and attorney.


Your expertise is knowing the law and the court system and using that knowledge to your client’s advantage...if they let you!   


When your clients are distraught, furious, confused, frightened, vengeful, etc.  they aren’t  listening.  These clients represent themselves so poorly they sabotage your efforts to represent them effectively.  Without shifting their perspective of victimhood, you, their advocate, become yet another person they perceive as victimizing them.


Our expertise is in bringing your client to a place where s/he can hear you, allow you to practice law, and work with you collaboratively.  


We support your clients to:

  • be patient with the process of divorce,
  • shift their perspective to be more logical and strategic, and
  • process their emotions in a manner that is useful rather than self destructive.  


By taking a holistic approach to divorce support, as we do,  your clients not only emerge with a healthier view of a difficult process and but also appreciation of your role in assisting them through it.  They surface from the experience with acceptance.  You are appreciated for all you have done (both in and out of the courthouse) and the likelihood of future referrals is greatly increased.


Let’s talk so I can share how we work and find out your interest in being liberated from the drain of the negative and contentious client.  

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