Navigating Divorce: The Emotional, Financial and Legal Basics

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Especially in the early stages of divorce, where do you turn for guidance and support?  Divorce doesn’t have to be experienced with fear, anxiety and confusion.  This guide helps you get off to the right start offering knowledge, awareness and support.

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An easy-to-read guide, this eBook offers a roadmap through the myriad of topics that you will be facing.  All of your questions about divorce are answered in this basic guide written by Karen McMahon, Divorce Coach and contributing authors.

Chapters include:

The Emotional Aspects

  • Five Essential Emotional Guidelines
  • How To Educate Yourself
  • Creating Your Support Network
  • Witnessing Your Thoughts
  • How To Stay In The Moment
  • Making A Daily Gratitude List

The Financial Considerations

  • Common Financial Mistakes
  • Assessing Your Financial Situation
  • 50/50 Is Not Always Fair
  • Maintenance And Child Support
  • Evaluating Retirement Plans Properly
  • Understanding The Short And Long Range Effect Of Your Decisions
  • Developing A Financial Plan For Your New Life

The Legal Decisions

  • Dispute Resolution Choices
  • Jurisdiction
  • Contested Or Uncontested
  • Division Of Assets And Debts Under NY Law
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support – Temporary Maintenance