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Creating Healthy Boundaries This week on Women Warriors, our special guest is Karen McMahon.  Karen will discuss the topic of “Creating Healthy Boundaries.”   As Women Warriors, we all need some great advice and insight on how to create boundaries that support us rather than take away our energy.
Conversations about Divorce It’s the start of a new year, the Holidays are over and many people will move ahead with filing for divorce. People who decided to end their marriage in the fall often hold off taking any action because they don’t want to spoil the Holidays.
Dealing With Emotional Barriers Of Divorce Divorce can be very painful and the emotional impact can continue on to affect our future relationships if we don’t handle then correctly.  This week’s guess is Divorce Coach Karen McMahon who will talk with us about the best ways to deal with the effects of divorce in a healthy and constructive way.
Dealing With Fear During Divorce With all the changes that are happening at once, it’s like the ground beneath our feet is shifting and moving. Suddenly what lies ahead is unknown.  During fear, our “what if’s” are never positive. What if I lose custody, can’t afford the house, don’t have enough money to live on, cannot find a job…
Getting Over Victim Mentality After Divorce Many people fee victimized after going through divorce and victimization is counterproductive in moving forward with our new life. When people feel victimized, their focus is centered on themselves and their personal energy becomes very low and destructive.
Straight Talk for a Curvy World Stepping into a new chapter of your life is difficult after a divorce, but if you use forgiveness as the stones of your path your journey will be easier. Forgiving yourself is a key component to moving forward and not dwelling in the past.
Manifestation: Making Mind Matter with Lisa Brick Lisa is a survivor, regularly reinventing herself by seeking new learning experiences, through which she inevitably learns and grows. Tune into this interview with Lisa to hear what she heard, what she thought about it and how it motivated her.
Interview With Karen McMahon Navigating beyond divorce and starting the business of your dreams, an interview with Karen McMahon.
Small Business Success Story Join your host, Donna Bradshaw, as she interviews, Karen McMahon, a Certified Relationship & Divorce Coach & Master Energy Practitioner. Karen’s passion is to work with men and women going through the divorce process; helping them navigate the difficulties while focusing on personal growth and embracing the opportunities that lie ahead.
Conversations About Divorce- The Changing Face of Divorce
Divorce is a confusing, chaotic and overwhelming time. Adding to that confusion is a wave of new services, products and divorce specialists. Are these people taking advantage of people when they are at their most vulnerable or are these new options enabling people to have a healthy divorce.
What Does It Mean To Love Yourself? For many, it’s hard to tell the difference between selfless, selfish and self-love.  If your tendency has been to put others needs before yours, self-love is neither easy nor comfortable.  It often comes with feelings of guilt, fear, and selfishness. You need to be clear on the difference between selfish and self-loving so that you can stand firm in your desire to be healthy and be able to explain / defend your actions to your loved ones.Oscar Wilde put it beautifully, “To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance”
Social Impact of Divorce and Widowhood on Women Today’s show takes a look at the social and emotional impact of divorce and widowhood on women with guests Mandy Walker and Karen McMahon.