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Featured Divorce Support Resources

The Anatomy Of A Divorce by Wendy Samuelson FREE – This three page document outlines the anatomy of a divorce from a legal perspective.  It is an easy to understand overview of the entire process.

How To Budget A Household And Get Out Of Debt For Women Of Divorce by Carol Ferguson $17.00 – Do you want to control your money rather than have your money control you?  This eBook is jam packed with detailed information, examples, charts and some of my personal experiences with how to prepare a budget.  Feel free to provide feedback as I am always open to improving the book, especially if it becomes more helpful to you.

Managing Money through Divorce by Annie O’Neill £5.00 – Some of the major concerns during divorce or separation are: “How will I afford it? What will happen to the family home? How do we split the finances? Will I be able to get a mortgage? What will happen to any pensions? What are the rights and responsibilities surrounding maintenance? What benefits am I entitled to?  This eBook answers these questions. It is set out in a user-friendly way (no jargon), with practical tips and checklists. There is also a useful list of websites where you can get even more detailed information. The information in the book has been verified by legal and financial experts.

Single Parents Secrets to Effective Communication by Wendy MacKay FREE – with children after divorce is a guide to connect parent with child using tools and processes that allow a better understanding for a stronger future.  Years of communication, personal development and law of attraction education are assembled in a simple format that is empowering while fun.  These skills will benefit not only the parent/child relationship but all future relationships through effective communication.


Featured Websites

Child Centered Divorce – The resource you can turn to for Divorce support, advice and resources for parents; Articles on children and divorce issues; Successful Divorce & Divorce Recovery strategies; Tips on Parenting through Divorce; Parenting books, tele-seminars & workshops; Post-Divorce Networking opportunities.

Child Sharing – Offers online co-parenting classes for adults raising children between two homes due to family transitions such as divorce or separation and who are interested in learning better co-parenting and coping skills.

CoFamilies– A free web calendar for coparents, step-parents and blended families. Schedule your shared parenting time with color-coded overnights, automatic notifications, and a complete history of schedules and communication — all easily sharable with your partner, caregivers and children.

Apart, Not Broken – Learn, Connect, & Create gives fathers a place to: Hear fathers’ real experiences and insights. Join an online community of fathers. Feel powerful in your ability to be the dad YOU want to be.

Savvy Ladies – Savvy Ladies teaches women about personal finances in an authentic way that encourages them to take control of their financial future. With Savvy Ladies’ education, women learn how to make proactive choices about their finances, identify their life goals, and move toward a more rich and rewarding life. Savvy Ladies provides seminars, webinars, workshops, and hotlines that encourages networking amongst women, and creates a secure forum for women to ask financially-related questions.

The Divorce Hour – A radio talk show with Lawrence H. Bloom, a matrimonial attorney in New York and New Jersey.  Larry handles all types of divorce actions from “simple” uncontested to contested trial and appeals, for the past 30 years.  Larry will be talking about divorces, custody cases, support enforcement, paternity and the like with his unique take on marriage and divorce.

Retrouvaille – A life line for marriages in danger of separation or divorce.

Sharekids – Coordinate shared custody with ease.

Since My Divorce – A forum for sharing stories about life after divorce – the challenges, the obstacles, the hurt, the discoveries, the joys and happiness.

Fit4Love – Most of us have a powerful need to be part of a couple. This need drives us in and out of relationships. The rules have changed, haven’t they? Life has become more complex. We want to have incredible relationships, but we may not know how. Fit4love offers a tested and proven approach that increases your relationship skills and assists you to find the love of your life.