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Media Multitasking During Divorce: Productive or Destructive?

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By Lisa Brick

Media Multitasking, as we tend to do it in the Information Age, is disrupting your ability to navigate divorce with grace and dignity.  The practice, as pervasive as it is, is hurting you by undermining your abilities to be calm and rational when it comes to communications with your yourself, your soon-to-be-ex (STBX), your attorney, and your children. Rather than a technique to boost efficiency, research indicates that media multitasking is actually a drain on the brain and therefore, a particularly nefarious practice during divorce.  

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Authentic Find Authenticity

Find Your Authenticity: To Thine Own Self Be True

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By Karen Basmagy

One of the wonderful things about my career choice is witnessing clients becoming more authentically themselves, usually after periods of great pain, loss and change. They come to the coaching relationship “stuck” and without a real sense of direction or plan, or feel consumed by their emotions.  Within a very short time, they are moving themselves forward, creating a vision and taking steps towards creating a new reality for themselves.
For many, it is the first time in their adult lives that they are truly exploring what makes them happy, what gives them joy, and where they have compromised their values or perhaps lost parts of themselves along life’s path. Continue reading

Is Your Spouse a Psychopath? Dos and Don’ts When Divorcing

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By Lisa Brick


There are numerous reasons a relationship unravels.  The majority of them are due to a growing incompatibility of values and lifestyle choices.  In some cases the reason is considerably deeper and darker.  While these reasons are the exceptions rather than the rule, they are often if not always the cause of the most painful, emotionally devastating, and contentious divorces.  In this article I will discuss aspects of being married to a physically nonviolent psychopath.   Continue reading


A Blueprint for Problem-Solving Conversations

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By Dr. Dan Thomason – Guest Blogger

Couples who can solve problems

and resolve conflict in their relationship

typically grow closer,

have great respect for each other,

and report high levels of satisfaction in their relationship.


I’ve never had a couple come into my office and say, “We can solve problems and resolve conflict in our relationship just fine; it’s everything else that doesn’t work!” In my work with couples over the past twenty-five years, I’ve noticed one big difference in how men and women process information and emotions. There are always exceptions to the rule, but generally speaking, men process information and emotions internally, while women process information and emotions externally. Continue reading

Going From Bitter to Better

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By Lisa Brick

For many of you who have found your way to Journey Beyond Divorce this divorce may not be your first.  Your first experience with divorce may have been when your parents split up.  The relationship you have with your spouse is also rarely the first contentious and painful relationship in your life, although it may well be the most agonizing. There are a number of you who have experienced other challenges in your childhood home, including neglect, substance abuse, sexual abuse, and violence.  All of these experiences compound the pain around the discord and dissolution of your marriage.
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Weeding Out the Old and Uncovering Hidden Beauty

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by Karen Basmagy, Transition/Divorce Coach  

The Power of Metaphor

As spring begins to blossom, many of us have been scrambling to get outside and clean up our yards, myself included. So this Sunday, I quit the seemingly never ending process of emptying boxes from my recent move and turned my attention to the long neglected flowerbeds in the front yard of my new home. I felt a strong need to get my hands in the dirt, feeling like it would be therapeutic for me.  I am not always enthusiastic about doing such work but it had to be done and I needed to shift gears and get outside and away from those boxes!

As I methodically weeded and cleared out the old dead growth and debris in the bed, it reminded me of my transition from my old life to my new. I happily discovered as I began to clear away the weeds that I was able to find some of the familiar and beautiful plantings of my past that were hidden by them. Narcissus, live-forevers, azaleas, irises, ornamental grasses…all became visible as I slowly and diligently, with care and purpose, pulled the unwanted growth from the beds, allowing the new growth a chance to benefit from the warm caress of the spring sunshine, giving them their rightful place in the sun. Continue reading

A Journey Of Empowerment During Divorce

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By Karen McMahon

I awoke this morning feeling deeply grateful for my life. I began my day brewing freshly ground coffee, making a pot of steel oats, encouraging my 17 year old daughter (who has senioritis) to get moving; and feeding my feline family (yes, I have 4 cats). I had a sense of peace and joy. I realized how much I love my life. I love the people my two teenagers are becoming. I am crazy about my job and my clients and my remarkable team of coaches. I adore the women in my life…my deep circle of girlfriends and sisters. I am in awe by fact that I have consciously created a life I love! Someday I know I will meet a man that I choose to marry.

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Co-Parenting: Acting Like a Grown-Up for Your Kids

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By Karen Basmagy

Easier said than done for many, maintaining a mature co-parenting relationship with your ex may be your greatest challenge as you seek to rebuild and redefine your life post-marriage. Emotions may still be running high for a very long time for one or both of you. It is imperative that you deal with the emotional demons surrounding your divorce in order to be the parent your child needs you to be. Though you can’t control the behavior of your ex, you can control your own and model what it truly means to be a “Grown-Up’. And by the way, being a grown-up also includes not pointing out how immature your ex’s behavior is. Your child will figure that out on his own as he grows and matures.

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Finding My Way to Acceptance Through Cartwheels and Square Pegs

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By Karen Basmagy

My marriage, like so many others, had floundered for years. Alternating between trying to work on the relationship and then falling back into those comfortable dysfunctional places, I would become so discontent that in my struggle for a solution, I would read yet another self-help book to try to understand why I just couldn’t make the damn thing work. What was I missing? Where was I falling short?

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The Impact of Divorce on Children

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By Tamara D. Afifi at TEDxUCSB



When considering divorce or going through a divorce, a very important question that comes up is how the divorce affects their children. There has been a lot of research on the relationships of children in adulthood, and what kinds of relationships they tend to have as adults. Professor Tamara Afifi of the University of California Santa Barbara did research on how divorce and family conflict affects children’s bodies, and has some great tips and suggestions here for how to deal with your spouse or ex-spouse and your children when going through this process: Continue reading