Journey Beyond Divorce - Certified Life Coaches specializing in Relationship and Divorce Coaching

Journey Beyond Divorce is a team of Certified Life Coaches specializing in Relationship and Divorce Coaching.

Our mission is to support you in navigating the turbulence of life. We will guide you in how to embrace life as an adventure and help you manifest an ideal you and a life you love.  By engaging you in the belief that this season of struggle offers transformative personal growth, we will help put you on a new track of loving yourself and creating a life you love.

At Journey Beyond Divorce, we hold firm to the beliefs that…
  • Every individual is greater and wiser than they appear to be
  • Each person we meet is our teacher and our student
  • All experiences are opportunities for growth
  • The answer to all questions lie within each of us
  • Energy attracts like energy and that our greatest freedom is freedom of choice

We put these values into practice every day in the support, guidance and challenges we put forth for every one of our clients, partners and colleagues.

Divorce provides a perfect opportunity to begin identifying and practicing new ways of thinking, being, and doing. At Journey Beyond Divorce, our team of exceptional coaches help you to navigate the shifting world that you currently inhabit, and utilize your struggles as stepping-stones that lead to inner strength, clarity, and confidence. From this place you begin to uncover your true self and develop the capabilities to manifest your true desires.

Working side-by-side with you to help calm this emotional storm, you learn how to navigate through the storm. In doing so you become a stronger, more effective, happier human being with enhanced personal skills. When storms come your way in the future, you will be able to find the eye of them and stay centered, rather than being blown away and off your chosen course.







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